Cellulite Treatment

Laser Cellulite Removal in our Adelaide Clinic

Although the word cellulite does not strike up as much fear as fat, the idea can still cause apprehension in all who care about the appearance of their body.

It can be difficult to say goodbye with just your own methods – even though you’ve started to increase your exercise, you haven’t yet seen the marks starting to budge. The situation can be frustrating, as you work harder through diet and exercise to remove the cellulite, but are unable to get the result you crave.

Just a few sessions at the Lasertech Clinic will see your post-baby tummy tightened, or your lumpy thighs become smooth and supple. Our expert practitioners will work safely and surely to help you achieve the body you want.

How does our cellulite treatment work?

At Lasertech Clinic, we use a specialised combination of lasers, to provide recognisable and long-lasting results. Entirely safe and effective, it helps you remove your cellulite without having to undertake invasive surgery. Each laser works to stimulate new cell growth and assist in collagen production. In short, the laser treatment achieves plumper skin and the results you crave.

Cellulite is created when excess fat is deposited in the tissues under the skin. When distributed unevenly, the fat causes the skin to dimple, creating an uneven surface.

Treating the more commonly affected areas, including buttocks, stomachs and upper thighs, our lasers delve into the fatty tissues, to sever the fibrous connections and smooth the skin. Not just a superficial skin treatment, our lasers treat the problem at its source, giving you a supple result that you’ll love to show off. 

Added benefits include improved circulation and clearer skin.

What is the downtime of laser cellulite removal?

Due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, your downtime will be minimal. Very often, patients who undergo resurfacing treatments are only required to have 5-7 days of downtime, after which time they can return to their normal activities and work.

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