Acne Treatment & Acne Scarring Treatment in Adelaide, SA

Google "Acne Treatment" and what pops up are blogs speaking highly of home remedies and OTC medicines. But do these hyped products really work? Some do, some offer short-term results, and others only worsen the issue. So steer clear of such.

Acne treatment in Adelaide, courtesy of Lasertech Clinic, is your best bet for getting picture-perfect skin. Acne is a skin problem that mostly affects teenagers. But even after navigating the ravages of adolescence, you’re not fully immune from acne.

The good news is that new Adelaide acne treatments are now available to fight adult acne.


Probably you’ve heard of this cosmetic procedure from your skin obsessed friend or seen it listed on med spa menus. But are you that conversant? Let us clear up any misconceptions.

Non-invasive and mild on skin, Microdermabrasion exfoliates dry, dead skin cells – so say bye-bye to active acne. It only takes a few sessions to clear acne scars. How often you should visit a dermatologist depends on your skincare needs and finances.

Ultraceuticals Skin Care

Ultraceuticals are the talk of the town and for good reason. Professional grade and cruelty-free, these products do no harm to your skin but deal with major skin concerns, acne in particular.

Since Ultraceuticals stand for real skincare, real results, with constant use, you’ll have the best skin ever. Better yet, this Adelaide acne treatment offers doctor efficacy without the prescription and high price tag.

Genesis Laser

When it comes to shrinking pores and smoothing wrinkles, nothing beats the rejuvenating power of Genesis Laser. Innovative and technologically advanced, this skin therapy also promotes acne-free skin in both sexes.

So, how does the magic happen?

Laser Genesis stimulates collagen production and new skin cell growth, gradually curbing acne till those pimples give in. At the end of the skincare regimen, your once bumpy skin becomes all silky.

Medical Peels

Want to make your skin look better or do something about acne? Use no homemade or over-the-counter products. Rather address blemishes and refresh your complexion with Medial Peels.

For those who crave a soft face, a Medical Peel is all you need. By removing the eyesore skin layer, room for flawless skin is made. Over time, skin structure improves, renewing your beauty.

Get rid of acne for good today by taking up acne treatment Adelaide. Lasertech Clinic has all it takes to make your skin spotless or free of acne.