What is Sonophoresis?

Sonophoresis is an intense transdermal delivery of active ingredients to effectively treat aesthetic skin conditions. Sonophoresis is used as an adjunct treatment to peels, facials or microdermabrasion. The delivery is undertaken using low frequency sonophoresis, which causes soundwave resonance of approximately 20,000 per second (20kHz). This is not the same as medical ultrasound technology, which uses much higher cycles (1-2MHz). This is too fast for dermal delivery.

How Does Sonophoresis Work?

Sonophoresis application causes small spaces to open between the skin cells that results in an increased penetration of ingredients applied to the skin. Disruption of the lipid barrier by the ultrasonic vibration also helps in the transdermal delivery.

The skins natural protection barrier is comprised of many elements, mostly lipids, which work to keep things out of the skin. Skin care products have various ingredients that act as transport carriers or penetration enhances, to allow some absorption. Using Sonophores  increases the absorption up to 1000 times depending on the substance being penetrated. Little pockets or bubbles, caused by vibration ofthe soundwaves, form within the intercellular lipids. These are filled with product before they quickly close again. The next wave arrives, pushing this bubble deeper into the skin layers.

Who Is Suitable For Sonophoresis?

A Sonophoresis facial can be customised to suit any skin type and various skin conditions. Depending on the products used during your treatment, active ingredients are released deep down into the dermis to target the signs of ageing, dehydrated skin, photo damage, pigmentation, poor skin texture and acne.

Sonophoresis can be successfully used on the neck and decolletage area, hands, arms, back and chest for all skin types including sensitive and rosacea skin.

What is Vitamin C Sonophoresis?

Sonophoresis uses ultrasonic waves to ‘disrupt’ the skin layers and open up microscopic cavities on our skin. This increases the permeability of the skin and enhances its absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. Vitamin C has antioxidant, anti-pigmentation and anti ageing effects. Maximum absorption of  Vitamin C and other nutrients results in clear, bright and fair skin.
Vitamin C Sonophoresis is ideal for women with premature ageing skin, sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone, skin with pigmentation or women who generally want brighter and fairer skin. Its skin lightening properties combined with skin rejuvenating properties can improve skin tone, whiten skin as well as improve wrinkles.
Most patients see results immediately after their first treatment. The result is radiant, glowing and tighter skin with a decrease in fine lines.

How Vitamin C Sonophoresis Works

Vitamin C has also come into the limelight because of its ability to reduce pigmentation, accelerate collagen formation and improve skin elasticity. Since Vitamin C is generally extremely sensitive to light, their daily replacement is  essential for healthy skin. Vitamin C Sonophoresis enhances the absorption of this unstable compound, increasing penetration of nutrients by as much as 4000% (when compared to topical application) improving skin tone, skin texture and reducing facial pigmentation.

What happens during Vitamin C Sonophoresis treatment?

The actual treatment is usually done in about 20 minutes with minimal discomfort. A concentrated Vitamin C serum is applied to your face. A flat spatula emitting high-speed, low-frequency ultrasound vibrations is used to massage you skin and aid in the absorption of the Vitamin C serum. There may be a warm sensation but generally, the procedure is comfortable and relaxing. There is no “down-time” and you are able to immediately return to your daily activities.
The treatment is best performed after a gentle Ultrasonic Exfoliation and Cleansing to ensure maximum absorption and efficacy of the Vitamin C treatment. At the end of the Vitamin C Sonophoresis, we will apply a moisture surge face mask which will both sooth and seal in the nutrients.
For optimum benefits, we recommend that the initial Vitamin C Sonophoresis treatment be performed fortnightly for 2 months. Subsequently, maintenance treatment can be performed monthly to keep your complexion fair and glowing.