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The Arguments for Laser vs. IPL Treatment – Brought to Light

May 25, 2017

While pursuing a beautiful body, there will always be a few stray hairs. Thanks to modern medicine, though, we have access to hair removal treatments that boast claims those strays will not remain much longer.

There are two new treatments on the market, which both state they can remove unwanted hairs for a long, long time. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment and laser hair removal are the two treatments in question. This post will look at each of these treatments, explain what they are and run through the differences.

Both IPL and laser hair removal claim to keep unwanted hairs from returning for a long period of time. Both of the treatments employ very similar methods, making your decision of which to go with all the more difficult. The one big difference between the two is the use of an actual laser – IPL only uses a normal light to flash away the hairs, whereas laser removal goes all the way with a laser.

Although they are both very similar treatments, the technologies do differ. Both use specific terminologies and brands, with some brands even providing specific proprietary features such as built-in cooling. Nevertheless, they still share the same end goal of permanent hair removal. These treatments also destroy the hair in a very similar fashion to each other – by generating a great, concentrated heat. This heat will severely burn the hair, down to the hair follicles in the root.

If you are trying to seek advice on which treatment to go with – IPL or laser – then you will most likely hear different answers depending on who you speak to. It is a bit of a no-brainer, but if you go into a laser hair removal clinic, they will most likely suggest laser. The main takeaway from this is that both treatments are perfectly viable, and the choice boils down to simple preference on your end.

From personal experience though, I would recommend trying laser hair removal. The laser machines seem to be better at removing hair follicles permanently, potentially thanks to the higher heat and energy being used when compared to IPL. If you have darker hairs, IPL has been clinically shown to be slightly less effective than laser when it comes to hair removal.

However, if you have sensitive skin, it may be advisable to try out IPL for the same reasons. Less heat being used in an IPL procedure will mean less heat being absorbed by the skin surrounding your hair. Ultimately, this could mean less irritation for your skin, and a healthier complexion as a result.

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