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Myths About Laser Treatment Debunked

April 15, 2017

Laser treatment is an up and coming procedure that takes many forms, including treatment for skin, hair and even eyes. The technique involves, in some cases, removing layers of the epidermis until blemishes and wrinkles are removed. In removing hair, the laser stops growth at the source. The advances in technology are endless. However, there is much concern surrounding the concept of lasers, partially due to it being a relatively new industry. This means there are less cases to study, and therefore, it takes more time to completely understand every aspect. But rest assured that there are some questions regarding treatment that can be confidently answered:

Myth #1: Lasers can get rid of every imperfection.

This is not accurate. Lasers will not work on deep wrinkles or blemishes, because the light only penetrates the first few layers of the skin. It is not able to go much deeper than the surface, due to the possible infliction of injury. However, it can dramatically improve skin’s overall appearance.

Myth #2: Laser treatment is not invasive at all.

While the light from the beam is intended to stay on the surface, there is the potential for the laser to go through additional layers of skin. This can result in damage. Technicians (like ours) know how to best avoid this, however.

Myth #3: Laser treatment is also a skin tightening treatment.

While the techniques are designed to erase some light wrinkles from skin, the evidence for tightening is variable. Laser treatment is not intended to be a technique for this directly, and therefore, can only be relied on to do what it is intended to do. Although, some have had success with skin tightening after treatment, this is not the normal reaction.

Myth #4: Laser hair removal can be a health hazard.

This statement does have some truth behind it. Sources like Fox News Health claims there is no connection to cancer with hair removal, but Elle.com says that the smog and chemicals released from the treatment can be harmful. However, still others say there is no way it can be hurtful to the body, because only the hair root is demolished. This question is one that remains to be answered as a whole.

There are many more thoughts to be pondered over in the future of laser treatment. Make sure to always discuss any procedures with your doctor beforehand. Excitingly enough, this thriving industry will continue to develop, and more questions will be unravelled as time rolls on.

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