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Get the Natural Glow: 5 Top Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

July 3, 2017

Our skin is a fickle beast, prone to grease, spots and pocks that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety surrounding our own perceptions of health and beauty. Worry not though, because healthy looking skin requires only a little effort, for a lot of reward. This post will help you attain a beautiful glow with a few tips from the professionals.

Know Your Skin

Your type of skin will determine the best way to promote a healthy complexion. Our skin falls into one of four types – normal, oily, dry, or a combination of all three. A combination of skin types is the most common, such as having an oily t-zone with normal or dry skin elsewhere. If you have patches of dry skin, invest in a good moisturiser. A good way to determine oily skin is to wipe your face with a tissue, to see how much grease is absorbed.

Protect Your Skin from The Sun

The sun’s rays are notorious for damaging our complexion, so protecting ourselves from those rays is a fantastic way to maintain healthy looking skin. The sun is responsible for increasing wrinkles, age spots and a host of other complications – especially with prolonged, unprotected exposure. To combat this, use an SPF 15+ sunscreen every time you intend to go out into the sun for long periods of time. If you live somewhere with a particularly sunny climate, try to avoid the peak sunshine hours of 10am till 2pm.

Use A Face Wash

Pick up a facial scrub wash, and be sure to use it every two days. Scrub your face thoroughly using the face wash to remove any dead layers of skin. Be careful not to overdo it though, as you can end up irritating your skin. The best practice is to use your hands (not a washcloth) to gently scrub your face, and moisturize immediately afterwards.

Curb Your Smoking

It should be no surprise that smoking is bad for our health, especially if you are striving for healthy skin. Smoking will age your complexion, create more wrinkles and damage the elasticity of your skin.

Look at Your Diet

What you put into your body will manifest itself outwardly. So, it is really important to eat healthy if you are wanting to keep a healthy complexion. Be sure to eat a lot of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. If you are feeling brave, venture into the superfoods when you can. Try to avoid the usual no-no’s, such as fatty and greasy foods.

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