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4 Lip Injection Myths Debunked

March 31, 2017

Cosmetic surgery, particularly non-invasive procedures such as injections, has received a lot of flack over the years. There is often stigmas attached to these procedures because myths of botched lip jobs that have become prominent in the media. Unfortunately, the common notion of fish-lipped television personalities seems to have stuck for many people. However, thanks to modern advancements in technology these procedures are safer – and better – than ever before. This post hopes to dispel some of the most popular myths surrounding cosmetic injections.

MYTH: If Things go Wrong, There is No Fix

If something goes wrong after a lip injection, the results can look less than expected. Many people think that they will be stuck with this blemish forever, but this is untrue. There is a grain of truth to this myth, though – certain fillers can take anywhere up to two years to break down completely. However, it is not a permanent problem by any means. Also if you opt for a hyaluronic acid filler, your doctor can inject an enzyme that will dissolve your filler instantly.

MYTH: Over Time, You Will Have Saggy Lips

Many people think that there are long-term effects associated with lip injections, such as saggy lips. This is a complete myth that can be debunked by understanding how the fillers work. When you inject hyaluronic acid into your skin, it will stimulate collagen production in that area. Once your body has dissolved the filler over time, your skin will be left a little thicker and healthier.

MYTH: Fillers Are For Elderly People

Fillers are a great way to combat the outward effects of aging, but it is of more use than just that. Patients aged 18 to 80 have successfully used lip injections to enhance their features. In fact, these procedures are a great way to stop wrinkles from appearing, making them great for younger people concerned about their age showing.

MYTH: Lip Injections Never Look Natural

As with all cosmetic procedures, a great deal of its success relies on the person performing it. Shoddy cosmetic surgeons exist, and they can do a pretty awful job that can give the entire industry a bad name. Only the poorly performed injections look unnatural – with the proper technique, you shouldn’t be able to tell there was any procedure at all. It is really important to do some research before you choose your dermatologist. If you don’t, then you are at serious risk of falling victim to a bad lip job.

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